Price Increases

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Recently, the US government imposed heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the US, and we’re seeing the impact of these tariffs on some of our products.  Our Continuous Hinge suppliers have already increased prices on certain hinges by as much as 16%, and it’s possible that other suppliers we work with are facing similar cost increases. As of the date of this post, only Continuous Hinge products are affected.  However, as the effects of these tariffs begin to ripple through the US manufacturing sector, it’s possible that some of our other suppliers could also be affected in the coming months. We appreciate your business!  If you’re concerned about pricing in the future, there are strategies you can use to reduce (or remove) the short-term impact of price increases like these.  We’re happy to discuss these options with you.  Call us or reach out using our Contact Form and we’ll set up a time to talk!

Hinges With A Built-In Safety Switch!

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© Copyright 2016 ELESA S.p.A.The new CFSW Hinges from Elesa with built-in multiple switches are designed to shut off machinery (or any electrical device) if the door is opened. Designed in a range of configurations, these hinges are tamper-proof, corrosion resistant and rugged for use in high-impact applications.  They’re also UL and IMQ approved! Available in a range of sizes and wiring configurations to suit enclosures of any size! If you’re looking for an easily adapted safety switch or if you’re adding or replacing safety switches, these are an easy solution! Would you like more information?  Use our Contact Form to reach us!

New Counterbalance Hinge from Southco

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New Product Announcement

New Counterbalance Hinge Makes Heavy Lids Feel Lightweight

Southco’s new CA Counterbalance Hinge allows a heavy lid or panel to be lifted with minimal operating effort and will continue to hold it securely in any position. The CA Counterbalance Hinge features an external mounting style, allowing for increased capacity within the enclosure, and eliminates the need for secondary support components.
  • Counterbalances heavy loads and holds doors and panels in position
  • External mounting style frees up interior space within enclosure
  • Eliminates the need for secondary support components
  • Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or readjustment
Learn more about Southco’s CA Counterbalance Hinge
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NEW: The Miniature Embedded Positioning Hinge

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New Product Announcement

New Miniature Embedded Positioning Hinge Offers Expanded Torque Southco’s newest ST Embedded Positioning Hinge provides precise, reliable positioning of smaller doors and panels that require increased torque. The ST-5A features a miniature design that allows easy installation in thin profile applications, and eliminates the need for secondary support components. Southco’s ST Positioning Hinges are preset during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for constant maintenance and readjustment, and offer effortless fingertip positioning and a tested, repeatable cycle life validated for 20k cycles of operation.
  • Increased torque value allows precise positioning and smooth operation
  • Compact package occupies minimal space for maximum design flexibility
  • Eliminates the need for secondary support components
  • Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or adjustment
Learn more about Southco’s Miniature ST Embedded Positioning Hinge
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Safety Interlocks Can Be Challenging.

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Hinges with built-in Safety Interlocks

Hinges with built-in Safety Interlocks

If your machinery uses safety shields or enclosures, you likely need a safety interlock device of some kind.  These interlocks are sometimes installed as an additional component, which takes time and costs you money. Some interlock devices can even be disabled by the operator to “save time” at the risk of personal injury, even death!


The CFSW Series Hinges from Elesa is a has multiple integrated safety switches built right in!  And there’s more:
  • Thanks to it’s super-technopolymer housing, this electronic hinge does not require grounding!
  • They are UL approved.
  • They have a high load capacity.  These aren’t just a fancy switch with a working hinge, it’s an awesome hinge with amazing safety features.
  • Can be installed in seconds, with just 4 screws.
  • Meets IP67 ratings for corrosion and water resistance. Bring on the water jets!
Did we mention that they’re tamper-proof?  Your workplace safety committee will love that!

Available in a range of configurations, the CFSW series hinges designed to be used with most standard aluminum profiles.  They’re also IMQ and UL approved and have a tested life-span of over 1 million cycles. There’s no other integrated safety interlock hinge like it on the market today! Want to learn more? Use our Contact Form to request some literature or a detailed spec sheet.

Let Us Do The Calculations For You!

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Hinge_CalculationElesa’s hinge calculator helps you pick the right hinges.

If you’ve ever had to find a hinge that meets a seemingly impossible set of criteria, you’re not alone.  Designers all over the world are often faced with the impossible task of finding components that “fit” into a design.  For example, you might need to find hinges that are small, light, a certain color, which incorporate a safety switch and on top of all that have enormous load capacity because the door can accommodate only two hinges at most.

We can help you with that.

Elesa has come up with a calculator that will help you narrow your selection of hinges by entering the weight of your door, the number of hinges you’d like to use and the spacing between each hinge.  Just enter a few key details, and let the software show you what’s available that will work in your application.

Of course, certain assumptions are made:  that the hinges are installed according to Elesa’s specs and the mounting screws are not over-torqued.  Seems easy enough, though!

Click here to see the calculator in action!

Want to learn more about the variety of hinges we can supply?  Check out the Hinge Section of our product pages, or use our Contact Form to reach us!  We’re happy to help you in any way we can!

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New C6 Hinge From Southco

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New Product Announcement

Restyled Detent Hinge Provides Increased Corrosion Resistance and Cycle Life

Southco’s new C6 Detent Hinge features an improved design that provides increased corrosion resistance for applications requiring doors and panels to be held securely at predetermined angles. Constructed of robust plastic and stainless steel, the new C6 Detent Hinge features contemporary styling and enhanced functionality without sacrificing cycle life.

  • Snap on covers fully conceal mounting hardware
  • Robust plastic and stainless steel construction
  • Tested, repeatable cycle life of up to 20,000 cycles
  • Modern, streamlined appearance complements industrial design
Learn more about Southco’s C6 Restyled Detent Hinge
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Butt hinges

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20141001_143017Butt Hinges are very commonly used in all types of door or access panel applications.  Butt Hinges generally come “ready to install” with very little preparation required.  Most Butt Hinges have spun ends, which captivates the pin and prevents it from falling out in applications where there is lots of vibration or where the pin is oriented vertically.

Available in almost any material thickness, length and width, Butt Hinges are economical, robust and have a relatively short lead time. These are also available in Steel (unplated), Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  Special finishes are also available if you need.  Normally, these hinges are supplied with NO holes, but specific hole patterns are available on request.  Call us or use our Contact Form to find out more.

NEW Stainless Hinges From Southco

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New Stainless Steel Surface Mount Hinge Designed For Corrosive Environments

Learn more about Southco’s N6 Stainless Steel HingeSouthco’s new stainless steel N6 Surface Mount Hinge features an updated design that provides superior durability in corrosive environments. The stainless steel N6 Hinge is available in six sizes and with optional covers, offering maximum design flexibility. Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel materials with passivated or high gloss finishes, the N6 Hinge provides a refined look without sacrificing functionality.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use
High gloss finish option complements application styling
Available in a variety of hinge leaf configurations and sizes
Economical stamped hinges are available in 304 SS and 316 SS

CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIEW DETAILS or use our Contact Form to have one of our people call you.

Stainless Steel Grades

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Not all Stainless Steel is created equal.  The Stainless Steel in your barbecue, for example, isn’t the same alloy that would be used in medical instruments or in your kitchen cutlery.  There are a number of different alloys of Stainless, which may or may not include chromium, nickel, and molybdenum.

Since stainless steel resists corrosion, maintains its strength at high temperatures and is easily maintained, it is widely used in items such as automotive and food processing products, as well as medical and health equipment. There are MANY grades of stainless steel, but the most common US grades of stainless steel are:

TYPE 304

The most commonly specified austenitic (chromium-nickel stainless class) stainless steel, accounting for more than half of the stainless steel produced in the world. 304 Stainless is also known as 18/8 for its composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.This grade withstands ordinary corrosion in architecture, is durable in typical food processing environments, and resists most chemicals. Type 304 is available in virtually all product forms and finishes.  Most of the hinges, latches, and other products that are listed as “Stainless Steel” on our website are 304 Stainless.

TYPE 316

Austenitic (chromium-nickel stainless class) stainless steel containing 2%-3% molybdenum (whereas 304 has none). The inclusion of molybdenum gives 316 greater resistance to various forms of deterioration.  Some manufacturers specify 316 stainless in applications where the environment is particularly corrosive.  Some continuous and butt hinges and a select few latches we supply are available in 316 Stainless.

TYPE 409

Ferritic (plain chromium stainless category) stainless steel is suitable for high temperatures. This grade has the lowest chromium content of all stainless steels and thus is the least expensive.

TYPE 410

The most widely used martensitic (plain chromium stainless class with exceptional strength) stainless steel, featuring the high level of strength conferred by the martensitics. It is a low-cost, heat-treatable grade suitable for non-severe corrosion applications. 

TYPE 430

The most widely used ferritic (plain chromium stainless category) stainless steel, offering general-purpose corrosion resistance, often in decorative applications. 

Some manufacturers reduce the cost by using a lower grade of stainless steel, which means your product won’t have the same resistance to corrosion that you’re expecting.  If your current supplier can’t (or won’t) provide the material certifications or if you notice that your “stainless” latches are showing signs of rusting or oxidation, maybe we should talk. 

Use our Contact Form to reach us and we’ll set up a time to meet, either on the phone or in person.