Squeeze Handle Actuator

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Learn more about Southco’s AC-50 Squeeze Actuator

New Squeeze Handle Actuator Allows One-Handed Actuation for Entry Doors

Southco’s new AC-50 Squeeze Handle Actuator features ergonomic squeeze actuation and a curved profile specifically designed for easy mounting to tubular construction. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials and tested to 40,000 cycles, the AC-50 Squeeze Handle provides improved industrial design and functionality that is ideal for rugged outdoor environments and interior applications.

  • Designed for tubular construction, easily mounted to curved surfaces
  • Simple, squeeze-to-operate actuation for more ergonomic operation
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant construction suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy integration with Southco R4 Rotary Latches and AC Cables

Design Your Rotary Latch System In Three Easy Steps!
Southco’s Rotary Latch System Guide provides all the information you need to choose the appropriate Rotary Latch, Actuator and Cable for remote access enclosure applications.

Introducing The Whale Tail Latch

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WhaleTailThe Whale Tail Latch, made by Eberhard, is making a big splash in the OEM market.  From truck bodies to standalone enclosures, this latch is robust, versatile and visually appealing, too!

These can be used in a range of configurations.  Adaptable for single or multi-point applications, with a removable and adjustable roller cam that is available in a long or short version.

The Whale Tail latch his also available in two styles:  the 18400 Series Die Cast Body or the 28400 Series Stamped body.

The 28400 Series comes standard with these great features:

  • a molded rubber gasket
  • double-bitted keys in the locking version
  • standard mounting studs for easy installation
  • 12-hole cam design for easy adaptation to multi-point applications
  • available in textured black or polished stainless

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Now Available From Eberhard Hardware

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Whale TailThe new 28400 Series Stamped Whale Tail™ T-Handle is now available from Eberhard and Steeves Agencies!

This new design is similar to the 18400 series, but much lighter!  Still available in a range of finish and locking options and combinations, and water-resistant too!

As your Western Canadian source for Eberhard Hardware, we’re here to help.  We can stock any Eberhard product in Winnipeg for quick delivery to your facility, and can help you find just the right custom part for your project. 

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9005 Center Case

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9002-SS-H (2)

This Center Case is ideal for multi-point systems that require a polished (yet heavy duty) touch point.  Whether it’s for your Suburban Commuter Bus or for a heavy duty toolbox, this latch provides a robust handle, stainless steel pan, optional key lock, and spring-return center-case action.  Flip the handle up, turn it 90 degrees.  Simple, easy actuation for remote rotary latches or slam bolts.

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