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Special Bolt-On Hinges

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Butt Hinges

EH-Hinge---FIXED_thumbLooking for a different type of hinge?  If continuous hinges just don’t work for your application, or if you want something a little more “beautiful” on your enclosure doors, check out Southco’s new series of hinges!  Some have countersunk holes, others have threaded studs to allow for concealed mounting.

Bolt-on hinges can be installed easily, and look great.  Available in black powder coat or chrome, these hinges are a great option for end-users who demand functionality and good looks!

Want to know more about the styles and sizes that are available?  Use our handy-dandy Contact Form to reach us!

Captive Fasteners By Southco

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Captive Fasteners

Steeves Agencies carries a wide range of captive fasteners. Why use captive fasteners?
  • They never get lost!  Captive fasteners remain attached to your panel or door whether they’re fastened or not, making them ideal for doors or panels that are frequently removed.
  • They are easy to use!  Some are threaded, others use a “quarter-turn” to latch and unlatch.  It’s never been easier to secure a panel
  • They offer more choices!  Captive fasteners come in a range of varieties- any thread, any stud length, any installation style (press-in, thread in, snap-in), and now, any COLOR!
  When selecting a captive fastener for your project, you should consider these things:
  • The nature of the application:  Is it outdoors, where it might be exposed to harsh weather or corrosive elements?
  • Any access restrictions or code requirements:  if access to your enclosure must be limited (for CSA approved products) then perhaps a tool-operated fastener would be necessary.  We have many options to suit those needs
  • Ease of use:  if finger access is required (no keys or special tools) then you might need a fasteners with a knurled head.
Anything’s possible!  Here are some examples of fasteners we can supply, all from Southco, the world’s leading manufacturer of access hardware!  Call us today for more information.  


  • Numerous captivation styles accommodate a variety of materials (including PC boards) and access requirements for industry standard metric and Imperial screw thread sizes
  • “Prism-Series” colored fasteners coordinate hardware to design schemes or differentiate access points through color
  • Generously sized screw knobs, spring-ejected convenience, highly polished appearance
  • Stainless steel screws and standoff housings provide corrosion resistance
  • Also available in captivation styles without metal standoff, for economy and simplicity  
  • Provide a low profile and smaller footprint for limited space applications
  • Heat-treated steel screw for high-torque strength in a small package
  • Also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Maximize heat transfer from components to heatsink
  • Positive fastening under shock and vibration
  • Design compensates for non-coplanar condition between top surface of chip and PCB
  • Captive housing is press-fit into panel to sit flush with surface with screw fastened
  • For use in aluminum or low-carbon steels that are 1/4 hard or softer
  • Also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Press-fit design affixes spring-ejected nut to panel
  • Provides quick fastening to externally threaded studs
  • Available in blind hole or through-hole styles

Embedded vs. Concealed Hinges

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Hinges

What’s the difference, you may ask?  There are plenty of reasons why you should know the difference.  A concealed hinge is one that’s hidden when looking at the door (or enclosure) from the outside.  When you open the door, there they are… visible and depending on the application, in the way.

An embedded hinge is one that is part of the door or lid.  In other words, it’s not only invisible when the door is closed, but also when the door or lid is open.  Imagine a laptop or flip phone… clearly there are hinges in there somewhere.  They’re embedded!  The hinges in your car doors, however, are merely “concealed” so as not to be visible from the outside.

Want to learn more about embedded hinges?  Southco’s website is an excellent resource for information on embedded hinges- you’ll be amazed at the variety and choices they have.  Need samples?  Call us or use our Contact Form, and we’d be glad to make the arrangements for you.

If embedded hinges aren’t for you, but the concealed hinges are appealing, check out THIS page for some cool ideas.


Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Adhesives

image You’d be surprised at the number and variety of applications where adhesives could be used instead of staples, screws, or other mechanical fastening methods.  Our line of high-performance Adhesives will astound you.  Why would  you use an adhesive instead of, say, a nail?  A nail only provides support where it is installed.  Adhesives provide a structural bond along the entire bonded surface, providing a cleaner, better, stronger attachment.

From picture frames to kayaks and hot tubs, consider adhesives as an economical, quick and dependable solution for your manufacturing!

Call us today or use our Contact Form and our Adhesives specialist will contact you to discuss your application.

Not All Adhesives Are Created Equal

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Methacrylates

If you’ve ever used silicones, you know how overwhelming the smell can be. You may also know that too much of an overwhelming thing requires intervention from your Workplace Health and Safety Committee! The answer need not be “more ventilation” or “use only outdoors”!

Adhesive Systems offers a range of Methacrylate adhesives designed to bond a HUGE variety of materials. But don’t take our word for it- we’ll PROVE it with a demonstration in your facility AND…they’re available in any container or tube size you might need. Call today for your FREE demonstration! 

The MP 55000 SERIES is a complete family of two part methacrylate adhesives. These products are specifically engineered for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials. They offer exceptional bond strength and are extremely durable adhesives. The MP 55000 SERIES provides outstanding performance in a wide range of applications in the transportation, solid surface, industrial, construction, and marine market areas.

Adhesive Dispensing Equipment by COX

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Adhesives


Cox Steeves Agencies is pleased to announce we are now an authorized distributor for COX Sealant and Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

COX is a manufacturer of quality adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment with manufacturing facilities in both the UK and North America (USA).

They offer a wide variety of dispensing equipment;COX dual component 400 ml multi-ratio BATTERY

– 1 part dispensers, for  10oz to 1.5 Gallons

– 2 part dispensers, for 50ml to 750 ml

– Sausage packs

– Trowel/ Pour- in

Most products are available in Manual, Pneumatic and now in Cordless.

Unlike of the dispensing products sold by big adhesive and sealant manufactures, COX only produces dispensing equipment for industrial applications.  Better yet, they can service what they sell.  You can also order the parts required to do any necessary repairs or maintenance yourself. Why be forced to replace your expensive equipment when you can replace the parts required to get it back into service as soon as possible.  We can supply you with drawing that includes all the part numbers required to keep your production moving.

COX dispensing products is the equipment of choice and recommended by “ASI adhesives”, of which Steeves is the exclusive distributor for Western Canada.

COX and Steeves Agencies are committed to bringing you high quality dispensing and adhesive products that can easily be adapted to your needs.


Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Spray Products

7042 Alu-Zinc gives your welded parts a glossy finish that looks like a cold galvanized surface. Alu-Zinc spray offers one of the best cathodic protection coatings available, and all this from an aerosol can! Protects metallic surfaces and parts against corrosion. Long lasting corrosion and rust protection for most metallic surfaces.

These aerosol cans are CFC free, and work well upside down too! Approved by Health Canada, and “Green Dot” approved!

Quick drying – Looks like cold galvanized

  • 83% Zinc in the dry sheet
    99% pure Zinc
  • Self-cleaning valve
    The power of zinc… but brighter!

Rubber Door Holdbacks

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Latches, Push to Close Latches


RHB 004

Looking for a simple, safe and effective way to hold an access door open?  The RHB Series Rubber Door Holdbacks are a simple and economical way to hold any door open, keeping it safely out of the way while loading or unloading.  Simple bolt-on installation keeps  your production costs down while keeping your truck body attractive and uncluttered.

Can be used on nearly ANY door type!

Use our Contact Form to get pricing or more information on these door holdbacks!

NEW Display Mount from Southco

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Positioning Technology

AV-D30-5TNew Display Mount Series Ensures Precision Tilt for Operator Comfort Southco’s new AV-D30 Tilt Display Mount (T Series) enables operators to easily adjust a display tilt angle for optimal comfort. Designed with a fully enclosed counterbalance spring that delivers effortless positioning and ease of cleaning, the T Series features proven integrated technology that eliminates the need for constant maintenance and readjustment.
  • Reliable adjustment of display tilt angle for operator comfort
  • Enclosed counterbalance spring that eases cleaning
  • Integrated positioning technology that provides precision control
  • Repeatable cycle life eliminates the need for service or adjustment
The T Series joins the A Series (Tilt, Swivel and Swing Arm) and K Series (Tilt and Swivel Mount) in offering Southco’s unique positioning technology, repeatable operating efforts and compatibility with a wide range of industry applications – from liquid crystal display (LCD) control panels to cab interiors and seating.   Want to learn more about the reliable AV-D30 Tilt Display Mount?  Use our Contact Form!

Hinge Terminology

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Continuous Hinges, Hinges

Piano Hinges, despite being very “low-tech” can be complicated to understand.  Armed with a little information, you too can become a hinge expert.  Here’s a crash course on Continuous Hinge Terminology.  Let us know via our Contact Form if you have any other questions.


hinge_terminology (1)


First, the basics.  When ordering a continuous hinge, you need to know a few important details:  Overall Width (aka OPEN Width), Length, Material type and Material Thickness.  Once you know these dimensions, the rest is easy.

Don’t know what you need?  Not sure what the industry standard is?  THAT’S OK.  We can walk you through the process and figure it out together!



Mill Finish – Straight from the factory, no finish. A residual oil may be present on the hinge, left from the manufacturing process (and to protect from corrosion).  Our hinges are typically “2B” or “4B” mill finish.  4B is a brighter, more polished look right from the factory.  Little or no polishing is required.

If you plan to apply a finish of some kind, and don’t want to remove the residual machine oil left by the factory, request that your hinges be “cleaned” prior to shipping.  This adds slightly to the cost, but can make your finishing process much easier.

Powder Coated – For extra protection, and nice look. Typically available in White or Black.  Continuous Hinges typically don’t come powder coated from the factory for several reasons: they can get scratched or scuffed during shipping or when installed.  If you’re going to powder coat your enclosure, do it with the hinges installed, and powder coat them at the same time.  Nonetheless, it’s an option.

Anodizing – Aluminum hinges can be anodized.  This is an electrochemical process where the hinge is electrically charged and dipped in a solution in order to apply a finish.  Anodizing can produce a clear finish, white, black or just about any color in between.

Electro Polished & Bright Annealed –
Polished for that extra shine!

Lacquered – Very similar to painting.. this process involved the application of a lacquer finish that provides a nice look and some additional corrosion protection.

Hole Specs




These Hinges have no holes. This allows you to drill your own pattern or welded to applications.  This is the most commonly used (and inexpensive) hinges we carry.




Countersunk –
These holes are punched and then countersunk, to ensure your mounting hardware will sit flush with the hinge.  Holes on thicker material hinges are typically countersunk.  This picture shows a hole pattern that is not staggered.


Coined-Countersunk –
Standard Punched Holes.  These holes aren’t drilled, but punched.


Leaf Styles





Special configurations are available, but typically require a minimum order quantity and have a long lead time.  Need a special configuration quickly?  We can achieve a “one leaf reverse swaged” by simply reverse-assembling the hinge.  Easy!










Specify forming dimensions from the centerline of pin to inside of form, or edge, or leaf.  Our drawings should assist in your designs.  If unequal leaf forming is required, specify  dimensions for each leaf




Notched, Angled, or Radius Corners







Piercing Terminology




Pin Heading



Most of our hinges come standard with “tight, staked pin”.  However, if you plan to reverse-assemble your hinge, you’ll need to ask for “non-staked” or “loose pin”. Staking or tack-welding the pin in place (at one end only!) will be necessary in some applications.