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H.B. Fuller and The Gorilla Glue Company have combined technology, innovation, and unbridled brute strength to deliver the next evolution of solutions for countless industrial fixes, through Gorilla Professional Grade, a best-in-class MRO product line that includes thread lockers, retaining compounds, gasketing sealants, instant adhesives, epoxies, and urethanes, and anti-seize lubricants. All Gorilla Professional Grade products and packaging in the portfolio are designed to ensure plant uptime and mechanical equipment reliability while helping professional maintenance personnel with best-in-class tools, like a variety of single-use, easy-to-mix DOUBLE/BUBBLE® epoxies, and signature instant adhesives with soft round bottles and clog-free dispense tips, as well as anaerobic gel pump packaging for easier use and handheld dispensing.

Steeves Agencies is a distributor for GorillaPro in Canada. Contact us or give us a call at phone: (204) 474-1239 or toll free: 1-800-318-1119 and we can discuss GorillaPro products with you.

The Gorilla Professional Grade™ portfolio consists of 19 products, including threadlockers, epoxies, metal pipe-fitting assembly sealants, retaining compounds, anti-seize, gasketing and instant adhesives. These chemical tools also will have a user-friendly, color-coded, application identification system and easy-to-use, innovative packaging specifically designed for the MRO Industrial professional.


  • Design Support: We don’t just fill orders, we can review your plans and requirements and come up with suggestions on what product solutions will work best
  • Experience: The Steeves Agencies team brings 40+ years of experience to the table when it comes to engineering and manufacturing problems and solutions.

  • Adhesives are part of our extensive family of manufacturing and engineering solutions: we also supply access hardware including hinges, latches, handles, drawer slides, gaskets, gas springs and threaded inserts for manufacturers. 

  • We make sure you’re happy! Your satisfaction is our goal. Our team does not run away from challenges, we are dedicated to making you happy with our products and services.


  • Engineered quality and the highest international manufacturing standards

  • Increased productivity, compliance with health/safety guidelines, and peace of mind for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) teams knowing that the equipment and tools employees need to get their jobs done are in good working order

  • Guaranteed quality? We stand behind GorillaPro’s products!

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