DSC_5386Did you know that we can supply just about anything related to metal enclosures and access panels?  Most of our customers are surprised at the things we can help them find.  Pictured here is a lock assembly that we supplied to a customer with VERY specific requirements:

  • – The keys must be unique (not keyed alike, as is the standard)
  • – The keys must be removable ONLY in the locked position
  • – The pawl must be “universal” for RH or LH operation of the lock

We have that.  In fact, this customer asked us to supply the locks with FIVE (5) keys per lock, so that they could quickly respond in the event that the customer lost both of the keys that shipped with each lock.  Yup.  We can do that.

Do you sometimes have a really complex requirement to meet?  Does your customer’s spec sheet seem impossible?  Don’t panic, and use our Contact Form.  Quite often, the solution is just an email away.