Hardware for Canadian Manufacturers

Southco is a unique “hardware manufacturer”. They make great products, but they also invest in their people, and have an amazing customer service team.  They have engineers that you can actually talk to when you have questions.

Southco is a name that most people don’t recognize unless you’re a manufacturer or an industrial distributor.  Southco’s products are everywhere. They’re in electronics and servers all around the world. Southco’s latches and components are in nearly every commercial airplane we fly in, every bus or train we ride in, and more.  Southco makes many of the “touch points” we use everyday, but never really think about.

Southco has manufacturing facilities in several countries, where they can best serve their markets.  Southco has manufacturing locations in North America, Asia and Europe. They recently announced their UL Certification project, in which over 200,000 individual part numbers are now UL Certified right from the factory without any additional testing needed. 

Steeves Agencies began working with Southco just over 30 years ago.  In one of the first visits to Winnipeg, we discovered that rivets were just a fraction of what Southco produced, we saw great potential in their access hardware and that paved the way for Steeves Agencies becoming the specialized company that we are. We’re proud to be one of Southco’s longest-running distributors!