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Are you looking for the best professional adhesives for your applications? Steeves Agencies is your connection to GorillaPro® products in Canada.

Steeves Agencies is a distributor for GorillaPro® in Canada. Give us a call (Phone: (204) 474-1239 or Toll Free: 1-800-318-1119) and we can discuss GorillaPro® products with you.

We are currently looking for dealers in Canada to carry GorillaPro® lines, if you are interested in potentially being a dealer click here for more information.

Feel free to check out the various GorillaPro® products below.

The Gorilla Professional Grade™ portfolio consists of 19 products, including threadlockers, epoxies, metal pipe-fitting assembly sealants, retaining compounds, anti-seize, gasketing and instant adhesives. These chemical tools also will have a user-friendly, color-coded, application identification system and easy-to-use, innovative packaging specifically designed for the MRO Industrial professional.