Revolutionizing Access Control: Steeves Agencies’ Adoption of Southco’s Bluetooth Technology

Steeves Agencies, a leader in access hardware technology, is now offering a groundbreaking solution in the realm of electronic access control – Southco’s Bluetooth Controller. This state-of-the-art device enables the remote operation and monitoring of electronic locks, utilizing advanced Bluetooth technology. It represents a significant leap in access control, eliminating the need for complex wiring or software installation.

Southco’s Bluetooth Controller: An Overview

Southco’s Bluetooth Controller is a compact, battery-operated device that can be integrated with any of Southco’s electronically actuated latches. The device communicates with smartphones or tablets using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Users can pair their devices with the Bluetooth Controller through the Keypanion app, available for both iOS and Android platforms. This app allows for comprehensive management of access credentials, monitoring lock status, and receiving important notifications. Additionally, there is an option for integration with custom-designed apps, offering even greater flexibility and control.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility

A key feature of the Bluetooth Controller is its ability to facilitate the sharing of virtual keys among different users, such as employees, contractors, or visitors. This capability ensures that access can be granted or revoked instantly, from any location. The system allows for the setting of time-based credentials, including one-time, temporary, or recurring access, enhancing the security and control over who accesses the locks and when.

Audit Trail and Monitoring

For applications requiring stringent security, the Bluetooth Controller offers a comprehensive security audit trail. The Keypanion app provides a detailed history of access, including information on who accessed the locks, when, and for how long. Additionally, users can monitor the battery level of the Bluetooth Controller and receive alerts for low battery, ensuring continuous and secure operation.

Durability and Compatibility

The Bluetooth Controller is designed for versatility and resilience. It is compatible with any electronically actuated latch that accepts a 12V or 24V input. The device can be effortlessly installed in various applications, such as cabinets, doors, or enclosures, to secure valuable or sensitive items. Its rugged, IP65-rated enclosure ensures durability, making it suitable for harsh environments where resistance to dust, water, and impact is critical.

Steeves Agencies, by incorporating Southco’s Bluetooth Controller into its offerings, is poised to redefine access control. This technology not only provides convenience and flexibility but also enhances security without the traditional complexities of wiring or software. Steeves Agencies invites companies interested in leveraging this cutting-edge technology to reach out and explore how this smart solution can meet their access control needs.