Flexible Cam Latches

The Southco suite of E5 Cam Latches are now available, offering affordable simplicity with the flexibility of modular design, with many size and design options available.

  • Single hole and mounting nut for easy installation
  • Allows room for padlocks, increasing potential security for users
  • High quality and sleek feel 
  • Dust and water tight varieties are perfect for exterior applications


These new latches combine door handles, latches, and padlock hasps for a maximum security option to secure doors, both inside and out. These quarter-turn latches come with a built-in status indicator, quickly confirming the latch status to users. 

With a variety of finishes, colors, sizes, and head styles, there’s a cam latch for every application in this newest suite by Southco. 

Contact us today for info about this great new series of latches!