Hinge_CalculationElesa’s hinge calculator helps you pick the right hinges.

If you’ve ever had to find a hinge that meets a seemingly impossible set of criteria, you’re not alone.  Designers all over the world are often faced with the impossible task of finding components that “fit” into a design.  For example, you might need to find hinges that are small, light, a certain color, which incorporate a safety switch and on top of all that have enormous load capacity because the door can accommodate only two hinges at most.

We can help you with that.

Elesa has come up with a calculator that will help you narrow your selection of hinges by entering the weight of your door, the number of hinges you’d like to use and the spacing between each hinge.  Just enter a few key details, and let the software show you what’s available that will work in your application.

Of course, certain assumptions are made:  that the hinges are installed according to Elesa’s specs and the mounting screws are not over-torqued.  Seems easy enough, though!

Click here to see the calculator in action!

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