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New Product Announcement

New Cam Latch Prevents Accidental Opening and Keeps Dust Out

Southco’s new E5 Cam Latch features a drop bushing driver that provides additional security by preventing the cam from rotating open in high vibration applications. In the event that the latch is not entirely closed, the bushing remains in the depressed position, providing a visual indication that the latch is unsecured. With its flush, low profile design, the E5 Shutter Cam Latch provides a clean appearance, minimizing dust and debris collection that may affect operation.
  • Vibration resistant design prevents accidental opening
  • Covered bushing minimizes dust and debris collection
  • Flush, low profile design for minimal protrusion and aesthetics
  • Meets NEMA 4/IP65 and EN61373 standards
Learn more about Southco’s E5 Cam Latch (Shutter Driver)

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