Toggle Clamp

Toggle Clamps (or Fixture Clamps) are used widely in jigs which are used to hold components in place for welding, gluing or finishing.  There are toggle clamps for any type of “holding” you might need to accomplish.

The clamp shown here (GG.AA070) is one of the smaller sized clamps, and it’s designed to hold an object down with as much as 1450N (325 lbs) of force! The larger version of this toggle clamp has a holding force of up to 8000N (1800 lbs).  They are designed for easy, trouble-free operation no matter the size of the latch or the holding force required.

Many toggle clamps require a clamping bolt (sold separately).  The bolt can be installed anywhere along the working arm of the latch.  Different types of bolts are available too.Clamping Bolts

Most of our clamps are available in steel or stainless, but some are available in cast materials, for those applications that require extreme strength.

Some examples of toggle clamp usage:

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