Alberta represents a large portion of our business and has been a large part of Steeves Agencies for as long as I can remember.  We spend a good portion of every day talking with our clients in Alberta who are designing and building cool new things. Some of our largest clients are in Alberta.

According to Statistics Canada, Alberta’s manufacturing sector makes up roughly 11% of Canada’s overall manufacturing capacity* (*Based on Stats Can Reports for “Unadjusted” manufacturing volumes as reported in January of 2019). If you consider only the Western Provinces, then Alberta easily ranks #1 in manufacturing volume, with 44% of the total for MB, SK, AB and BC.  Alberta has a diverse manufacturing sector, with a range of companies that serve not only the oil and gas industry, but also the marine, automotive, truck and bus body, and recreational vehicle markets. 

Alberta is a pretty exciting province.  There are a lot of small manufacturers in Alberta who are driving innovation.  And not all of them are in the oil and gas industry, either. There are manufacturers of boats, RV’s, custom buses and truck bodies, and so much more.  Many of the Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada are fully outfitted by a company in Calgary!

We’re proud to work with small manufacturers that hire local people to produce world-class products.  Whether they make equipment that keeps our oil & gas workers safe, truck bodies, boats, RV’s, trailers, or cattle farming equipment, we’re excited to support the growing Alberta economy.  We are also very thankful that our Alberta customers support us.

Alberta manufacturers typically choose Steeves Agencies because we offer a broad selection of durable products that meet the rigorous needs of oilfield service vehicles and the many associated products required in the oil and gas industry. 

Unlike other access hardware suppliers, we tend to be more knowledgeable as we receive regular factory training, and though we’re a selling organization, our real focus is consulting with our clients in the hope that we can identify ways to make their products better. We’re just an email or phone call away, and we make regular trips to Calgary, Edmonton, and the surrounding communities to stay in touch.  

Steeves Agencies has always excelled in maintaining great customer service for its Albertan customers by providing quick turnarounds on orders or customer service queries. We see ourselves as an ally of ALL western Canadian manufacturers.

We encourage our customers to call us. You can reach us at 1-800-318-1119 toll-free from anywhere in Alberta!  We have a pretty great website with information about where our products are used, so if you’re looking for design ideas, or just want to learn a little about us, that’s a good place to go. For more detailed discussions, email is great ( will get you a same-day response), and we can even schedule an in-person visit if there’s a need.