Why is this exciting?

We’re thrilled to add the Sugatsune product line to our arsenal of access hardware! We’ve known about Sugatsune for some time, and have even sold some of their products in the past. They just recently launched a major expansion into Canada with a new Corporate office in Montreal, and they were looking for distribution partners with expertise in Industrial Hardware. Sugatsune Canada reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in working with them to grow their presence in Western Canada, and we were thrilled to partner with them!

What the heck is Sugatsune?

Sugatsune is a manufacturer of ultra-premium hardware for the architectural market, and you see their products everywhere: in buildings, medical equipment, vehicles, as well as aerospace and marine applications. Mostly, you find Sugatsune products in highly specialized applications where aesthetics are everything, and the “touch points” need to be perfect. While we have other lines that focus on “touch points” in a big way, Sugatsune has taken the touch-point concept to a whole new level.

For example, Sugatsune has a wide range of motion-control (motion hardware) products like hinges with built-in damping, or positioning hardware for displays, doors and lids, as well as drawer slides, all of which are designed to perform to exacting specifications, with a finish that is guaranteed to impress.

What lines does this allow Steeves Agencies to carry?

We’ll now have much better access to things like lid stays, hooks, handles, motion control technologies and much more. Sugatsune’s product lines are expanding all the time, and we’re excited to learn about how they will fit into the high-end premium access hardware industrial market.

What are some neat applications?

Some of the coolest applications we’ve seen are from their motion-control product line. For example Sugatsune carries some very innovative hinges that allow an access door to open, yet remain nearly flush to the wall. These hinges are available for doors as big as closets to small cupboard or enclosure doors.

These hinges are designed to be low-profile, and most of all, smooth to operate.

This lid support is another example of a motion control application that looks good, and works seamlessly every time. Used in conjunction with a standard piano hinge, this support provides lifting assistance and holds the lid safely open. This device is widely used in restaurants, bars, or office/customer service areas require a pass-through counter.

It may not seem obvious in this photo, but this assembly’s main job is to prevent accidental opening and closing of the lid. Equally as important, it provides a counter-balanced assist for opening and closing the potentially heavy section of countertop- with the right support, it is just as easy to lift as is it to close… and it will never fall closed on its own.

Where is Sugatsune from?

Sugatsune is based in Japan. Their mission is to “To create convenience and satisfaction for people”. The “people” they refer to in their mission statement is really “everyone”. This includes customers, prospects, managers, subordinates, co-workers and other associates related to their business, and of course, the end user. Even their reference to “customer service” is unique in the business world, where they stress that the goal of their entire enterprise is to help others and add value with gratitude and humility.

How do you pronounce Sugatsune?

SOO-gut SOO-nee