According to Wikipedia, “…a gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression.”

Gasket Applications

Gaskets are used in a number of applications that we see everyday, including engines, doors and windows, cars and trucks, pumps, kitchen appliances and so many others.  They are ideal for sealing a door or for preventing leaks. If you’ve ever noticed the inside of a coke bottle lid for example, that removable disc is actually a gasket.  Similarly, the rubber ring on mason jars or the rubber gasket around your car windows do the job of sealing water in.. or out!

Gaskets at Steeves Agencies

There are literally hundreds of different types on the market today.  Our specialty, however, is in the flexible gaskets best suited for metal enclosures, boats, RV’s, and similar applications. 

Planning quality gaskets into your manufacturing

There’s no “rule of thumb” in terms of how much to budget for gaskets, but in some enclosures, they can play a large part in the longevity and overall quality of your product.  Obviously, more importance should be placed on finding the “correct” type for every application. 

While generally inexpensive, we always recommend making room in the budget for the correct one, as opposed to shopping for the cheapest one.  If it doesn’t perform as expected (the customer may have higher expectations than you think), it will reflect poorly on the perception of your product’s overall quality!

Types of Gaskets

Gaskets come in a large variety of materials (more than we can mention here) but we specialize in the flexible types made of EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone rubber or other similar rubber and foam rubber materials. All of these have different properties that make them great for sealing, compression, hot or cold temperatures, etc.

Common Applications

Some common applications for gaskets are in places like vehicle doors and windows and hatchback/truck lids.  Those primarily keep water and dust out of your car, but they have to do that in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

Gaskets are often used in applications that don’t require “compression” but simply “contact”.  A good example of this is door sweeps (commonly used at the bottom of exterior doors in homes and offices.  Another example of a gasket used in an unconventional place is windshield wiper blades!

Service Life

Quite simply, gaskets need to be replaced when they no longer seal as they should, especially when the contents of the enclosure rely on the protection that it provides.  If it leaks or becomes damaged by wear, it should be replaced immediately.  Thankfully, most gaskets have a very long life and generally don’t take much abuse, so it could be years before a newly-installed door gasket requires any real attention.

Gasket Cross Section Examples

How to order?

The best way to start is to call us, or email us.  We’ll gladly review your application and help you select the perfect gasket or seal!