OK, maybe they aren’t THAT big… but they ARE SUPER HEAVY DUTY.

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of requests for our super heavy-duty drawer slides for projects that require extremely high load ratings. In many cases, the conversation ends after we talk about price, and the reason is because the customer is often surprised by the cost. Having not budgeted enough (or because they weren’t sure what to expect), the shock of the price often sends them back to the drawing board. Unfortunately, this only adds time and effort to the process of designing a product.

Why do some slides cost so much?

In the same way that muscle cars cost exponentially more than a fuel-efficient compact car, specialty drawer slides cost more than basic roller slides. Of course either car would get you to and from work every day, but only one will give you 1000 HP in the quarter-mile when you need it. Manufacturers of things like latches, hinges and drawer slides have this in common also. There are the “standard” products, which are mass-produced to be economical and reliable, and then there are the specialty versions, designed for higher capacity, longer cycle life, or increased durability in harsh conditions. There are all these factors, plus the fact that heavy duty drawer slides are simply larger and heavier. They require more raw materials to make, more bearings and other components.

One of our best examples of “extreme slides with extreme pricing” is the Chambrelan E1020 Series Slide. The E1020 Series Slides from Chambrelan offers up to 1,500 kg of load capacity in a full extension slide! These slides are made of cold-drawn steel, and have spring shock stops to soften the “stop” when closing your tray or drawer. What might you fit on a tray or drawer if you had 1500 kg of capacity? How about a compact electric car (like a Nissan Leaf) or $62 Million worth of gold bars? That’s heavy!

What also might appear a bit heavy is the price of the E1020. But when you consider that your drawer or tray will work flawlessly for many years, and might actually be supporting a piece of equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe the price isn’t so bad.

How can I minimize the cost of a specialty slide?

There’s really no getting around the fact that some specialty (high capacity) slides will be more expensive than standard slides, but there are ways to make sure, at the very least, that you’re not paying too much. That’s where we come in! Our team of technical experts, along with the manufacturer’s own engineers (if needed) will work with you and your design team to pick a short list of options that will work in your application. Our goal is to ensure that whatever slide you pick meets all the strength and capacity requirements you have, and has sufficient capacity for “unexpected” or even “unintended” uses. In other words, your slides will meet your expectations and exceed those of your customers… all without buying more than you need, and spending more than you want. With Chambrelan’s wide range of options, picking the right one is important. We’re happy to help with that!

With nearly a hundred types of slides available, Chambrelan’s range of sliding systems covers a wide range with capacities of up to more than 3300 lb (1500kg). Standard closed lengths up to 80 inches (2000mm) with extensions up to nearly 10 feet (3000mm)!

Want to learn more about Chambrelan Slides? Do you have a project for a drawer or sliding tray that requires an unusually high capacity? Call us today, or use our handy Contact Form to reach out to us. We’ll gladly make your project a top priority and find you the right slide!