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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Equipment Hardware

Steeves Agencies supplies Southco's line of engineered access hardware, including locks, latches and hinges can help Electric Vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers to achieve high standards of equipment performance, usability and security, providing a seamless [...]

New SOUTHCO product: C2 Lever Latch

C2 Lever Latch Features Push to Lock Functionality and Modern Design Adjustable grip ensures the perfect fit for every application New industrial design style offers fresh appearance Auto-relock feature enables simple, push to lock functionality [...]

Marine Application Access Hardware

What makes marine parts different? Products that are made specifically for the marine industry need to survive some challenging conditions.  Generally, “marine” products are designed for use in ocean-going boats and ships, which means they’re [...]

It’s Springtime! (GAS spring time)

  Did you know that our line of Gas Springs (gas lifts / lift supports) by LS Technologies is made right here in Canada?  Did you also know that they can custom-build any quantity [...]

Surprising uses for… shackles?

When you hear the word “shackles”, what immediately comes to mind? Most people would answer something like “locked up in shackles!” or something related to Pirates of the Carribbean.  Shackles are used in a [...]

Get a grip on Handles for Product Manufacturing

Handles would seem to be pretty self-explanatory.  Steeves Agencies provides handles for manufacturers for all kinds of applications. They provide a means of pulling, pushing, sliding or otherwise “handling” a door, lid, cover, shroud, box [...]