Cox Steeves Agencies is pleased to announce we are now an authorized distributor for COX Sealant and Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

COX is a manufacturer of quality adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment with manufacturing facilities in both the UK and North America (USA).

They offer a wide variety of dispensing equipment;COX dual component 400 ml multi-ratio BATTERY

– 1 part dispensers, for  10oz to 1.5 Gallons

– 2 part dispensers, for 50ml to 750 ml

– Sausage packs

– Trowel/ Pour- in

Most products are available in Manual, Pneumatic and now in Cordless.

Unlike of the dispensing products sold by big adhesive and sealant manufactures, COX only produces dispensing equipment for industrial applications.  Better yet, they can service what they sell.  You can also order the parts required to do any necessary repairs or maintenance yourself. Why be forced to replace your expensive equipment when you can replace the parts required to get it back into service as soon as possible.  We can supply you with drawing that includes all the part numbers required to keep your production moving.

COX dispensing products is the equipment of choice and recommended by “ASI adhesives”, of which Steeves is the exclusive distributor for Western Canada.

COX and Steeves Agencies are committed to bringing you high quality dispensing and adhesive products that can easily be adapted to your needs.