For the past 15 years or so, Steeves Agencies has been an industrial distributor for H.B. Fuller, supplying professional-grade adhesives to canoe and kayak manufacturers, hot tub manufacturers, and even art galleries and custom framing shops. 

As of today, we’re proud to announce that we are the OFFICIAL Canadian Distributors for H.B. Fuller’s newest line of professional-grade chemical tools – GorillaPro®. GorillaPro® Products, a line of adhesives specifically designed for professional installers, technicians and tradespeople! 

H.B. Fuller has combined forces with the will known Gorilla Glue Company to bring you a line of industry leading products. With H.B. Fuller proven technology, innovation, and performance, combined with the power of the Gorilla – this product line brings it all.

Designed With You In Mind

For years, we’ve been looking for a company like H.B. Fuller to produce a line of adhesives for customers who need to repair equipment in the field, or for a technician to be able to use a small quantity of a particular epoxy without wasting an entire tube because it’s been opened. We’re excited to say that our wish has finally come true! To be clear, while we’ve been asking for this for some time, we’re not saying that they developed this line of products for us specifically. On the other hand, it’s hard not to think that they did just that. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of this line of adhesives, you’ll probably feel the same way. You’ll love it!

The GorillaPro­® series of products is intentionally limited to the best of each series, and the best packaging so that they are all easy to identify and easy to use. The Gorilla Professional Grade® product line contains a range of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products. The portfolio consists of 19 products, including threadlockers, epoxies, metal pipe-fitting assembly sealants, retaining compounds, anti-seize, gasketing and instant adhesives. A lot of thought has gone into every detail of the packaging: from color-coded caps and labels to single-use packs that save you time and money.

This Isn’t Your Big Box Store Glue

You won’t find GorillaPro® products in the big box stores.  You won’t even find it at your local family-owned hardware store.  You will, however,  find it wherever the pros go to buy professional-grade tools and supplies.  We’re proud to partner with some great industrial supply companies who will carry the GorillaPro® line in their stores.

Interested in learning more about GorillaPro­® or becoming a dealer, get in touch with us today.

Why Isn’t It In The Big Box Stores?

In the same way that some tools are sold exclusively through specialized distribution partners (think Snap-On tools, sold exclusively through independent salespeople), the GorillaPro® product line is specifically designed for the professional user. GorillaPro® products will be available where customers shop for all of their specialized tools.  These products are widely available to everyone, you’ll just have to shop where the pros shop to get the best of the best products that the professionals count on!

Where Can I learn more about GorillaPro® Products before I buy it?

The GorillaPro® has a great website with information on the whole range of products.  There is also a series of YouTube videos about each product series: Cyanoacrylates, Epoxies, and Threadlockers, for example. Of course, our distribution partners will also have information on hand to share with you if you have any questions.

Unless otherwise noted, trademarks are property of H.B. Fuller Company or one of its affiliated entities. Gorilla, GorillaPro and Gorilla Professional Grade are registered trademarks of The Gorilla Glue Company.