What’s the difference, you may ask?  There are plenty of reasons why you should know the difference.  A concealed hinge is one that’s hidden when looking at the door (or enclosure) from the outside.  When you open the door, there they are… visible and depending on the application, in the way.

An embedded hinge is one that is part of the door or lid.  In other words, it’s not only invisible when the door is closed, but also when the door or lid is open.  Imagine a laptop or flip phone… clearly there are hinges in there somewhere.  They’re embedded!  The hinges in your car doors, however, are merely “concealed” so as not to be visible from the outside.

Want to learn more about embedded hinges?  Southco’s website is an excellent resource for information on embedded hinges- you’ll be amazed at the variety and choices they have.  Need samples?  Call us or use our Contact Form, and we’d be glad to make the arrangements for you.

If embedded hinges aren’t for you, but the concealed hinges are appealing, check out THIS page for some cool ideas.