Heavy Duty Hinges

The Southco EH Free-Swinging Hinge series is now available in robust new materials to meet the needs of demanding enclosure applications.

  • 180-degree rotation of doors
  • Surface mounted design for easy installation
  • High quality, smooth feel
  • Integrated thread stud and nut versions improve aesthetics


The newest additions to Southco’s EH Free-Swinging Hinge series offer new solutions for a broad range of door dimensions and weights. Available in sizes up to 100mm, the EH Plastic Free-Swinging Hinge series provides a high-strength, economical solution for multiple interior and exterior application zones.


The EH-8C Aluminum Free-Swinging Hinge features corrosion-resistance, with adjustability for large panels where mounting space is limited. Together with the EH-7A Zinc Free-Swinging Hinge, these hinges deliver high strength in a compact package, lowering overall equipment costs and reducing application weight.

Southco’s new plastic, aluminum and zinc EH Free-Swinging Hinges extend our trusted line of surface mount hinges to address the requirements of heavy-duty applications. The plastic hinge is compact and powerful, the aluminum hinge offers corrosion resistance, and the zinc hinge feature adjustable mounting, offering solutions for demanding industries including HVAC, Industrial Equipment and Transportation.

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