Have you ever asked someone WHY they do something a certain way, only to get the answer “We’ve always done it that way.”?  Do they continue to use an old system because it’s truly the best, most efficient way or is it because it’s easier to stay the course than to evaluate and improve?  This is an age-old question. 

What is the cost of change?  There are certainly “costs” involved in making change, whether it’s changing a vendor or updating a drawing.  You might consider the cost of your time to evaluate the old process to determine potential changes that could increase profitability.  Does the increased efficiency create a return on your time investment?  In other words, is it worth the change?  If a change requires updates to your purchasing system (new vendors, updating Bills of Material, certifications), it may seem a daunting task but even so, you should consider the long term benefits of such a change.

Part of our focus, when working with established manufacturers, is on the cost of ANY change we might be causing.  Even a “drop-in replacement” can have a positive effect on your bottom line.  It’s possible that by going through the work of adding a new vendor, certifying and approving that vendor, you might experience a reduction in warranty repair costs, or even shipping costs.

We believe that our business is not just about selling latches, but about helping our customers become more profitable, more efficient.

Call us today, or use our Contact Form to reach us.  We’d love to get to know you, learn about your company, and see if we can help you. We promise never to make you change for the sake of change.