New from Elesa: Torque Limiting Wing Knobs

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Here’s another example of another innovative product from Elesa!  CTD wing knobs are used when the applied tightening torque must not exceed a preset value.  These are ideal for applications where over-tightening could result in damage or premature wear of components!

Using these wing knobs is just like any other knob- tighten by turning clockwise as usual.  When the preset torque is reached, you’ll hear a “click”!  To loosen, turn the knob counterclockwise.  No adjustment or calibration is necessary!

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NEW: The D7 Tech Line Quarter Turn Fastener

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New Product Announcement
New Quarter-Turn Fastener Prevents Over Tightening Southco’s new DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener combines Southco’s proven quarter-turn and captive fastening technologies to create a next generation solution that provides consistent, reliable clamping force and quick access. The DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener features a captive, spring-loaded design and tool-free operation that prevents over tightening.
  • High-strength and high vibration resistance for demanding applications
  • Variety of stud lengths to accommodate varying panel thickness ranges
  • Tool-free operation that prevents over tightening
  • “Prism” colored fasteners to differentiate access points
  • Quarter-turn operation provides quick access
Learn more about Southco’s DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener
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Introducing Southco’s 4C Wing Knob-style captive screw

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New Product Announcement
Distinctive Wing Knob-Style Captive Screw Provides Tool-Free Access and Color Differentiation Southco’s new 4C Wing Knob Captive Screw enables quick-access fastening and features an over-molded, distinctively contoured and attractive wing-style head design that can be used to designate access through an array of standard and custom color options. Press-in, flare-in and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) options provide versatility for fastening and unfastening by hand or tool when mounting doors, panels and other hardware components in applications where space is limited.
  • Distinctively contoured wing-style head design for quick access
  • “Prism” colored fasteners to differentiate access points
  • Press-in, flare-in and SMT options
  • Standard Phillips, Torx® and combination recesses available
Learn more about Southco’s 4C Wing Knob Captive Screw
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ATCA-Compliant Captive Screw From Southco

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Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.40.32 AMATCA-Compliant Captive Screw From Southco Meets PICMG® Float and Material Standard

Southco, the leader in ATCA access hardware, is the only ATCA supplier to offer a captive screw compliant with the current PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) ATCA R3.0 standard. The ATCA-compliant 47 Captive Screw meets float and material requirements as designated by PICMG.

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Captive Fasteners By Southco

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Steeves Agencies carries a wide range of captive fasteners. Why use captive fasteners?
  • They never get lost!  Captive fasteners remain attached to your panel or door whether they’re fastened or not, making them ideal for doors or panels that are frequently removed.
  • They are easy to use!  Some are threaded, others use a “quarter-turn” to latch and unlatch.  It’s never been easier to secure a panel
  • They offer more choices!  Captive fasteners come in a range of varieties- any thread, any stud length, any installation style (press-in, thread in, snap-in), and now, any COLOR!
  When selecting a captive fastener for your project, you should consider these things:
  • The nature of the application:  Is it outdoors, where it might be exposed to harsh weather or corrosive elements?
  • Any access restrictions or code requirements:  if access to your enclosure must be limited (for CSA approved products) then perhaps a tool-operated fastener would be necessary.  We have many options to suit those needs
  • Ease of use:  if finger access is required (no keys or special tools) then you might need a fasteners with a knurled head.
Anything’s possible!  Here are some examples of fasteners we can supply, all from Southco, the world’s leading manufacturer of access hardware!  Call us today for more information.  


  • Numerous captivation styles accommodate a variety of materials (including PC boards) and access requirements for industry standard metric and Imperial screw thread sizes
  • “Prism-Series” colored fasteners coordinate hardware to design schemes or differentiate access points through color
  • Generously sized screw knobs, spring-ejected convenience, highly polished appearance
  • Stainless steel screws and standoff housings provide corrosion resistance
  • Also available in captivation styles without metal standoff, for economy and simplicity  
  • Provide a low profile and smaller footprint for limited space applications
  • Heat-treated steel screw for high-torque strength in a small package
  • Also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Maximize heat transfer from components to heatsink
  • Positive fastening under shock and vibration
  • Design compensates for non-coplanar condition between top surface of chip and PCB
  • Captive housing is press-fit into panel to sit flush with surface with screw fastened
  • For use in aluminum or low-carbon steels that are 1/4 hard or softer
  • Also available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Press-fit design affixes spring-ejected nut to panel
  • Provides quick fastening to externally threaded studs
  • Available in blind hole or through-hole styles

In Stock Now! Captive Fasteners

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OK, so we sell bolts, captive fasteners and specialty captive screws.  Do we have the one you need, the one your customers need?  Now you can find out!  If, by chance we DON’T have what you need, it’s easy to add it to our “in-stock products”  list.  Just use our Contact Form to let us know what you’re using and how often you need them.  We’ll take care of the rest!