Here’s a quick glance at some of the Compression Latches we have to offer.  Many of these are stocked items, or have a very short lead time!  This is just a sample of the selection we have for you!  As always, if you have any questions about our products, or if you need more information, please call us or use our Contact Form and we’d be happy to help you in any way we can.

All of these latches provide a certain amount of compression when latched.  This is especially useful when your door is gasketed or when you need a certain amount of vibration resistance.  If you don’t need to compress the door, check out our section on Pawl and Cam Action Latches instead.


62 Flush Lift and Turn Southco’s flush lift and Turn Latch is a great option where smooth appearance and a low profile is needed.  These provide adjustable compression, and are available polished Chrome, Textured Chrome, Black Powder Coat, locking and non-locking versions.
62 Surface Mount Lift and Turn The Lift & Turn latch is simple to install, and easy to operate.  The name says it all!  Available in many sizes and finishes.
Adjustable Grip Latch The Adjustable Grip Latch adjusts itself every single time you use it, for the ideal fit each and every time.  Available in many sizes, and head styles.
C2 Lever Latch The Lever Latch is an economical, and easy solution for many applications- it’s not just a latch, it’s a handle too!  Available in a wide range of finishes, locking and non-locking options too.
C5 Lever Latch The C5 Lever Latch is a heavier Lever Latch, but most notably, it’s NEMA rated for water resistance!  Great for outdoor applications like hood latches on RV’s, access panels on boats, and much more.
E3 Vise Action Lockable Southco now has a range of key-locking latches too!  This is a vise-action compression latch with a key-lockable wing-head.  Also available in many finishes, and can be adapted for a wide range of door and frame thicknesses.
E3 Vise Action Need a Stainless Steel Latch?  Look no further.  Southco offers a range of Stainless hardware in a variety of head styles and body sizes.
Surface Mount T Handle The N2 T-handle latch is a recent addition to Southco’s product lineup, designed to work in heavy-duty applications where visual appeal is still important.  Available in a recessed version as well.  Stainless and Steel versions are available too.
Wing Head Vise Action Latches Southco’s E3 vise-action latches have long been a favorite for their ease of installation, simple operation, and reliability.  Available in a range of head styles and sizes.