AV-D30-5TNew Display Mount Series Ensures Precision Tilt for Operator Comfort Southco’s new AV-D30 Tilt Display Mount (T Series) enables operators to easily adjust a display tilt angle for optimal comfort. Designed with a fully enclosed counterbalance spring that delivers effortless positioning and ease of cleaning, the T Series features proven integrated technology that eliminates the need for constant maintenance and readjustment.
  • Reliable adjustment of display tilt angle for operator comfort
  • Enclosed counterbalance spring that eases cleaning
  • Integrated positioning technology that provides precision control
  • Repeatable cycle life eliminates the need for service or adjustment
The T Series joins the A Series (Tilt, Swivel and Swing Arm) and K Series (Tilt and Swivel Mount) in offering Southco’s unique positioning technology, repeatable operating efforts and compatibility with a wide range of industry applications – from liquid crystal display (LCD) control panels to cab interiors and seating.   Want to learn more about the reliable AV-D30 Tilt Display Mount?  Use our Contact Form!