GaugeComparison_thumb…So you need a hinge that’s “18 gauge”, but all your supplier has in stock is “50 thousandths”. They’re both the same thing, but not everyone speaks the same language.

Oddly enough, some factories believe that it’s up to the customer to learn the “right” language. Whether this is because of some absurd interpretation of an ISO requirement for consistency in communications or simply a refusal to learn about their customers’ needs, it happens. It’s not unusual to find customers that refuse to buy from a particular supplier because they’re frustrated by this inability to communicate.

That’s where we come in. We know the language that our customers use, and we know how to cut through the marketing lingo that our suppliers use. We give you real solutions and practical answers.

Whether you ask for a “fifty thou” or “18 gauge” hinge, we’ll know what you’re talking about. We speak your language.

Steeves Agencies has and 30 years of experience in the hardware business! We’re pleased to be your Western Canadian source for latches, hinges and much more. We hope to hear from you soon!