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Steeves Agencies is a Western Canadian 🍁 wholesaler of access hardware including hinges, latches, handles, drawer slides, gaskets, adhesives, gas springs and threaded inserts for manufacturers. We typically work with small to medium sized manufacturers 🏭 providing access hardware from our key lines of products: Accuride Slides, Adhesive Systems, Ameta Solutions, Chambrelan Drawer Slides, Clean Seal, Cleveland Hardware, Dentec Safety Supplies,  Eberhard Hardware, Elesa, Larsen & Shaw, Southco, Ludwig Fasteners, Marlboro Piano Hinge, Weston Body Hardware, and Yardley Inserts.





Looking for a trustworthy partner to supply access hardware?

We'd love to talk with you.


  • Import and Border woes. You don’t need to worry about shipping parts in from the United States of America. We manage all that for you.
  • Currency. You don’t need to worry about USD currency fluctuations when working with us – We operate in Canadian currency
  • Slowness. Long delays or mysterious time lags – We can get you parts quickly
  • Low Quality. Poor quality or parts that make the quality of your product inferior are terrible. We have great product lines (no knock-offs or inferior parts) – you are going to be happy with our product quality
  • Robotic Customer Service. Dealing with a call center “customer service” team – we hate working with call centers too, we’re a small team that will work directly with you to make sure you are satisfied


  • Design Assistance: We don’t just fill orders, we can review your plans and requirements and come up with suggestions on what parts and solutions will work best
  • Experience: The Steeves Agencies team brings 30+ years of experience to the table when it comes to engineering problems and solutions.
  • Extensive Collection of Options: We don’t just have a single line of products, we have 15 premium supply lines to choose from when suggesting access hardware and manufacturing solutions for our partners.
  • We make sure you’re Happy! Your Satisfaction is our Goal. Our team does not run away from challenges, we are more like first responders in that we will rush to your aid if you have any issues with our products and services.


Brian Steeves
Brian SteevesOwner
I’m one of the Steeves in Steeves Agencies! I’m proud to be the second generation to carry on the family business after my dad started it all in 1980. All the important things I learned about business, I learned from my dad, but I also have some formal training through Red River College (Business Administration) and the University of Manitoba (C.I.M. Program). My role tends to vary between Marketing and overall Operations.. which is really just a fancy word for “shovelling snow” or “replacing ceiling tiles” most days. I also love to draw, especially cartoons!
Peter Atchison
Peter AtchisonTechnical Sales Director
I’ve been with Steeves Agencies since 2006 after more than 20 years experience in retail management and operations with several large Canadian retail organizations. I take pride in providing excellent customer service with my interest in learning what our customers manufacture, then mix that with the belief that maybe our hardware and adhesives can help make our customers’ products even better! From marine to farm machinery, vehicles and hot tubs the best part is, it’s always amazing to see what innovative people are building. I like to think I’m an expert in what I do, but I really hope that through my experience and mechanical expertise I can help shorten our customers search and make their customers’ experiences even better.
Eric Steeves
Eric SteevesTechnical Sales
I am the 3rd generation of Steeves to work in the family business and I am excited to help grow the business with my dad. As the newest and most awesome member of the team, I have a passion for building my knowledge about the business. Not only that, I also love to learn about all our clients! Building lasting relationships has always been something both my grandfather and my father have been great at, so I hope I can continue to do the same. As much as I enjoy riding the desk, my passion is for the outdoors. I’ll take any opportunity I can to try a new sport, go on a hike or see something different.
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