Weston Categories

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  Steeves Agencies is proud to be your Canadian Source for Weston Body Hardware, a U.K. based manufacturer of some of the nicest hardware we’ve ever seen.  If you’re looking for a truly world-class look in your application, but also one that has serious quality and durability, Weston is an excellent choice. We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements for Weston Products, and determine if these are parts we should stock in Winnipeg just for you!  

You can download sections of the Weston Product Catalog here:

Product Index

Section A – Locks

Section B – Exterior Handles

Section C – Latching Systems

Section D – Latches & Catches

Section E – Inside Controls

Section F – Speciality Hinges

Section G – Grabs & Trim Items

As always, please use our Contact Form to reach us if you have any questions!  We’re here to help!  

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