Ever wonder how much those little bullet hinges can hold?  Have you ever pondered how many you might need for that trailer lift gate or bbq lid? Our line of Weld-On Hinges are incredible strong and easy to install, if you’re a welder.  Using our handy Weld-On Specs page, you can easily determine how many hinges you’ll need, and what size they should be.  We often find, though, that the right hinge looks too small, so our customers usually use a hinge that’s one or two sizes larger than they need. Do you have questions about hinges?  Need help picking the right one?  Still not sure if a weld-on hinge is the right one for you?  Call us today at 1-800-318-1119 and we’ll gladly walk you through the selection process to pick the right hinge for your specific application.  We’re here to help!