We see this all too often: Drivers that make quick repairs that end up being the “permanent” solution because of time, budget, or lack of urgency. Let’s be clear about this: bungee cords are not a safe option! They’ll get you home in an emergency, but there are some compelling reasons why you don’t want to use bungees for the long-term.

Imagine that you have some tools or rescue equipment in that compartment. What if you need those tools at every stop? How valuable are those tools? What if that compartment were to accidentally open while driving? What are the risks of an improperly secured compartment? What if the contents of that compartment were to get stolen? Isn’t it worth replacing that latch quickly when it breaks or if it’s worn out?

We know that parts break down over the years, but it’s important to make sure that your compartment doors are properly secured. Any cargo-carrying truck driver knows the risk of an unsecured load so why would you risk an improperly secured compartment? I’m sure that if we asked some of these drivers about why they don’t replace these locks more quickly, the answers would be very much the same: it takes time out of their day to fix it, and time is money. If you could spend $50 on a new latch that would be more secure, safe and good for another 5 years, wouldn’t that be a worthwhile investment?


Quite often, the best solution is to replace the latch completely, since the internal mechanisms of these latches can often corrode or get worn out over time (and with exposure to road salt). Removing the latch is quite simple in most cases even if it’s welded in. Then, you just need to find the right replacement. There are several latch types that will work just like the one in the picture above, and may even be easier to operate in cold weather, more resistant to rain and dirt, or just more ergonomic. We have most of these in stock and with a phone call (or better yet, a photo of the original) we can identify the best options for you, and get you back on your way, with a safe and secure compartment and a lot more peace of mind.

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