We’re still here!

On March 20, 2020, Manitoba declared a State Of Emergency. While this has sweeping implications in the retail industry for the general public, the manufacturing sector is continuing to function as much as possible (with social-distancing measures in place). Many of our customers manufacture medical-related products like fire trucks, generators, ambulances, medical carts and other things. We’re here to support them as much as possible!

We are extremely fortunate that our office is relatively small in terms of staff, but we have enough office space to maintain safe distances… and we clean. WOW, do we clean a lot. While we remain open for business, we’re NOT currently open for walk-in traffic. Access to our premises is limited only to the shipping/receiving door, and if possible, ONLY for couriers and delivery drivers. We are 100% available by phone, email, even by FAX (who even uses a fax machine anymore?!?). Give it a try if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Need More Information?

The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association is working diligently to support thousands of Canadian manufacturers and related businesses (big and small) to help them weather this pandemic. If your company is a manufacturer and/or exporter, or if you work with manufacturers and exporters, the CME is a great resource for help and information. Check them out today.

The CME hosts teleconference meetings every Tuesday and Thursday, which are free to join, that highlight resources that are available to your business for things like employee help, tax relief, guidance on emergency planning, and resources for employee programs to save jobs. They answer a lot of urgent questions that business owners have in these uncertain times. These calls are incredibly helpful and well worth the 30-40 minutes of listening time.

Check out their resource page here for the most up-to-date information and for signup details for the conference calls.

Stay healthy!