For critical applications where an unsecured panel could cause a health or safety hazard, we have lines from Southco that make safety visible by providing a clear and easy to see mechanical visual indicator to help ensure that the panel is properly secured. The visual indicator reduces the chance that a panel is accidentally left open. This error-proofs maintenance operations, driving application safety up and cost down.

These MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO products are line extensions of successful Southco standard products such as the high-strength and vibration-resistant E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latches, Quick Access Fasteners and Captive Screws.


These line extensions not only provide the same features and benefits as the standard products, but offer the additional of being simple drop-in replacement in existing applications.

  • Color-coded heads on fasteners such as 56 Spring Loaded Plungers or 52 SM Captive Screws, differentiate access points
  • Reflective wings on E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latches that deploy when the latch is opened, and only retract when the latch is fully secure 
  • A cover option that can be used with our E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latch products, which will pop open, stay visibly open and cannot be closed as long as the product is unlatched.


For applications that require frequent access for restocking or maintenance, Southco offers a line of products that provide a clear and easy-to-see visual indicator that lets the end user know if a storage cabinet or enclosure has been access, thereby identifying what compartments need to be replenished or serviced.

Southco offers a version of its C2 Lever Latch product that features a small, color-coded window to indicate latch status. When the window is green, the latch has not been opened since it was last reset. If the latch is opened, the window will turn from green to red. The indicator remains red in subsequent openings, and can only be reset back to green using a separate security key.

Easy to install, and easy to operate, these popular low-profile lever latches present a sleek look for highly visible installation. A discretely mounted trigger mechanism (flush or slightly raised) is provided to release the built-in handle for use. 


For applications protecting access to sensitive equipment of information and where remote monitoring is required, Southco offers a line of products that make safety visible by providing a clear and easy-to-see electronic visual indicator on the latch itself. These Electronic Access Solutions can be integrated into an existing access control system or supplied as a fully networked system, enabling remote access, monitoring and audit trail reporting to meet compliance requirements.

Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle features an efficient microprocessor-controlled gear motor design that ensures minimal power consumption and provides intelligent locking and monitoring capabilities. The H3-EM can be used as a standalone system, integrated with an existing building access control system or supplied as a fully networked system enabling remote monitoring and audit trail reporting to meet compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.