NEW: The Southco AC-10-EM Actuator

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Southco’s AC-10-EM looks like a regular door latch, but it’s not! It’s ELECTRONIC!

Southco has expanded its successful line of actuators with a keyless electronic version designed for rugged applications. Southco’s AC-10-EM Actuator with Electronic Lock/Unlock functionality eliminates the need for mechanical key access when connected to a remote access controller, such as a key fob, or to an existing control system, such as a button located within a vehicle’s interior.

Southco’s AC-10-EM Actuator with Electronic Lock/Unlock features a heavy-duty design and corrosion-resistant construction, providing robust protection for outdoor applications including off-highway doors, bus baggage doors, and specialty vehicle storage panels. With its recessed handle and flush mount paddle design, the AC-10-EM eases operation when opening panels and doors with a gloved hand, while reducing snag and catch points.

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Elesa’s CLEAN Line of products

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When it has to stay CLEAN

CLEAN LineElesa’s CLEAN Line of products is a series of handles and knobs in white material with a smooth surface to make cleaning much easier.

  • All of the components of the Clean Line are designed to be easy to clean.
  • Distinctive RAL 9002 white color.
  • AISI 303 stainless steel metal inserts are used to meet most rigorous sanitary laws.
  • Compact shape and lack of cavities prevent deposit of dirt, dust and machining residues.
  • Modern design and high performance.

Designed for:

– Medical and hospital equipment – Operating rooms – Hospital fittings

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New Concealed Pull From Southco

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New Product Announcement

New Spring Loaded Concealed Pull Offers Simple, Push Button Access

Southco’s 67 Concealed Pull is now available in a spring loaded version that offers the same flush mount design as the standard 67 series, but features all-metal construction, providing higher strength and improved industrial design. When triggered via simple, push-button operation, the spring loaded 67 automatically releases the handle for easy access, providing a convenient grip for opening doors or panels.

  • Spring loaded, push-button trigger allows for quick access to the handle
  • Durable, all metal design provides higher strength and durability
  • Flush, surface mount design complements industrial design
  • Available with black or silver finish, as well as custom color options
Learn more about Southco’s 67 Concealed Pull
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Learn how Southco’s broad range of engineered access hardware solutions can meet your unique application requirements. 

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Southco Handles

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p9Southco has a range of handles to suit every application! 

Whether you need something flush-mounted for a nice look, or surface mounted for utility and strength, we can help you.


…and who says that a rugged, durable handle can’t also look good?  We got you covered.

mp-pullCall us today, or use our Contact Form to tell us a little about your application.  We’ll help narrow down the selection to the handles or pulls that will suit you best.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  Elesa has an incredible range of products that are both stylish and robust!  If you’re looking for knobs, handles, locks, or “european style” hinges, Elesa has options for just about everything. Have you checked out ELESA USA? Also, if you’re interested in receiving a catalog of Elesa’s products, we have some!  Use our Contact Form or call us at 1-800-318-1119 to get yours today!

Handles By Elesa

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HandlesLooking for something a little less ordinary?  We can help!

Elesa’s handles are extremely durable, yet stylish… not to mention functional and easy to install! 

Use our Contact Form to let us know your specific requirements and we’ll put together a list of options that suit your project!

Tie-Down Rings

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ZN-100-3We have a range of super heavy-duty Tie Downs for trailers, flat decks, cargo containers, skids, or any other place you might want to securely fasten your stuff! All Steel construction and zinc plating for maximum protection from the elements.  Want something just a bit better than the rest?  Ours have an optional lock washer in the ring bolt to give you smoother operation. 

Want to learn more?  Use our handy Contact Form and we’ll call you back with whatever information you need.