Unique Solutions for Your Fastening Needs

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Yardley Products‘ precision engineered threaded metal inserts are used in a variety of everyday objects. Seaside Casual Furniture, a 100-year old, family owned outdoor furniture company, knew Yardley Products could come up with a custom solution to their design problem.

Inserts are used to to make the assembly of these Adirondak chairs easy and quick.Seaside Casual is an industry leader when it comes to design and their customers were looking for a sleek, streamlined looking product.

The furniture company needed a custom solution to hide visible fasteners on their products which were bringing down the aesthetic value.

Click to learn more about how Yardley Products created and produced custom inserts to help the Seaside Casual design team.

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Installing Yardley Inserts

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Yardley Products, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts, is the industry leader in all types of threaded inserts.  From large threads to small in a wide range of materials and for a wide range of substrates, Yardley’s got you covered.  Designing the inserts into your product is easy, but what about installation?  Will you need special tools?  Will you need people with special skills?  These are important considerations when designing any type of fastener, latch, hinge or insert into your product.

Typically, metal inserts are installed with complex ultrasonic equipment that can put a wrench into your manufacturing budget and raise the price of production. The thermal press can do the same task easily and inexpensively for jobs such as prototyping, 3D printing, or low volume production. This solution costs less and is also smaller than most ultrasonic equipment, reducing the footprint in your facility.

Yardley Products is offering a major deal on their newest tool for installing inserts into thermoplastics. For a limited time, take $200 off your thermal press when you use the code Thermal200 at checkout! Shop now and save! The press is also versatile, suited for inserts of any size in practically any thermoplastic. With more than 24 million inserts in stock, Yardley offers corresponding 2D and 3D downloadable CAD drawings to spec out applications.

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Fighter Jets, RC Jet Boats and Recycled Outdoor Furniture…

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What do these things have in common?

All three of these things (and many more) require a customized threaded insert from Yardley Products!  Whether it’s the C-130 Hercules instrument panels or the cooling system on a new RC jet boat, Yardley has the capability to meet your requirements for just about any application… and they do it quickly, too! Yardley has the expertise and the tooling to get you prototypes fast.  But just as importantly, they have the right people on their production team to get your newly-designed parts out the door and on their way to you very quickly.
When I first approached Ken Grady at Yardley Products about the custom part, I was expecting a much higher price and a longer production time. Yardley was able to provide the custom parts in a timely manner and at a very fair price. The customer service through the entire process was amazing as well. -Scott Pennestri, Streamline RC
Check out some of Yardley’s success stories here!  If you want to be one of those success stories, call us today with your application details and we’ll help  you get started.

Manufacturing Day at Yardley products

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Yardley Products Corp

Every Day is Manufacturing Day at Yardley Products

This year, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association’s (FMA) Manufacturing Day is set to take place on Friday, October 2nd. To celebrate the day, Yardley Products is reflecting on 60 years of manufacturing threaded metal inserts. We take pride in our manufacturing as a means to help our communities and future generation’s thrive.

Discover the Manufacturing Tradition of Yardley Products

3D Printing Is the Future of Manufacturing!

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Yardley Products Corp
While there are many ways to attach multiple 3D printed parts together, nothing quite compares to using genuine metal threads.  Yardley Products supplies threaded metal inserts for use in 3D printing and rapid prototyping. Through our experience, we’ve discovered that for some applications, metal threads are an absolute must.

Find out the Best Ways to Include Metal Threaded Inserts in 3D Parts.

This resource includes our insights on the best ways to incorporate metal threads into your 3D printed parts. We hope you find this helpful. Want to know more about how Yardley Inserts?  Use our Contact Form to reach us!  We’re here to help.

Is Your Southco Insert Discontinued?

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What do you do when a product you’ve been using for years and is discontinued by the manufacturer?  It happens!  Often, the solution is to change your designs to incorporate the “new” version of the product, but when even that doesn’t work… or if your product simply can’t accommodate anything else… you call for help!

We don’t often see a manufacturer pick up a product line that’s been discontinued by someone else.. much less one of OUR vendors pick up a product line that ANOTHER ONE of our vendors has discontinued.  This is great news for our customers- the transition is seamless and quick.  Not even a change in part numbers!

Yardley Products Offers Direct Replacement Solutions for Discontinued Southco® Press-In Threaded Metal Insert Fasteners

Yardley Products Corporation offers the Yardley Multi-Sert, a direct replacement press-in metal insert for the discontinued Southco 71 and 72 series threaded inserts.

“Manufacturers using the discontinued Southco threaded metal inserts are searching for a replacement press-in insert that does not require a change in their manufacturing process,” said Tim Bailey, President at Yardley Products. “Our Multi-Sert threaded insert line is a direct replacement for the Southco 71 and 72 series, is in-stock and readily available.”

View Multi-Sert Info…

Yardley Products Has CAD Drawings!

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As an added convenience for our customers, dimension drawings for Yardley Product’s threaded inserts are now downloadable in CAD format. These drawings are available for download in a wide range of file formats to fit the specifications of the customer’s CAD system. Both 2D and 3D drawings are provided for each style of inserts. Engineers and designers will be able to download CAD drawings directly into their own CAD drawings on their desktop for a more accurate and integrated end design.

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