Check out our range of new cleaning products!

Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Spray Products

Introducing a line of cleaning products designed for industrial applications, but suitable for some home uses too!  We’ve picked a few of our favorites to show you here, but there are LOTS of options to pick from.  Call us or use our Contact Form to reach us for pricing and lead time information.  
7613 Protect-It Plus          
7516 Foam Cleaning Spray          
7507 Glass Care Spray Plus          
7618 Boat Out          
7624 Engine Clean Green            
7628 Engine Clean Plus Blue              
7690 Revolution            
7698 EZ-Wax            


Written by Brian Steeves on . Posted in Spray Products

7042 Alu-Zinc gives your welded parts a glossy finish that looks like a cold galvanized surface. Alu-Zinc spray offers one of the best cathodic protection coatings available, and all this from an aerosol can! Protects metallic surfaces and parts against corrosion. Long lasting corrosion and rust protection for most metallic surfaces.

These aerosol cans are CFC free, and work well upside down too! Approved by Health Canada, and “Green Dot” approved!

Quick drying – Looks like cold galvanized

  • 83% Zinc in the dry sheet
    99% pure Zinc
  • Self-cleaning valve
    The power of zinc… but brighter!