NEW Stainless Hinges From Southco

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New Stainless Steel Surface Mount Hinge Designed For Corrosive Environments

Learn more about Southco’s N6 Stainless Steel HingeSouthco’s new stainless steel N6 Surface Mount Hinge features an updated design that provides superior durability in corrosive environments. The stainless steel N6 Hinge is available in six sizes and with optional covers, offering maximum design flexibility. Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel materials with passivated or high gloss finishes, the N6 Hinge provides a refined look without sacrificing functionality.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use
High gloss finish option complements application styling
Available in a variety of hinge leaf configurations and sizes
Economical stamped hinges are available in 304 SS and 316 SS

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Stainless Steel Grades

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Not all Stainless Steel is created equal.  The Stainless Steel in your barbecue, for example, isn’t the same alloy that would be used in medical instruments or in your kitchen cutlery.  There are a number of different alloys of Stainless, which may or may not include chromium, nickel, and molybdenum.

Since stainless steel resists corrosion, maintains its strength at high temperatures and is easily maintained, it is widely used in items such as automotive and food processing products, as well as medical and health equipment. There are MANY grades of stainless steel, but the most common US grades of stainless steel are:

TYPE 304

The most commonly specified austenitic (chromium-nickel stainless class) stainless steel, accounting for more than half of the stainless steel produced in the world. 304 Stainless is also known as 18/8 for its composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.This grade withstands ordinary corrosion in architecture, is durable in typical food processing environments, and resists most chemicals. Type 304 is available in virtually all product forms and finishes.  Most of the hinges, latches, and other products that are listed as “Stainless Steel” on our website are 304 Stainless.

TYPE 316

Austenitic (chromium-nickel stainless class) stainless steel containing 2%-3% molybdenum (whereas 304 has none). The inclusion of molybdenum gives 316 greater resistance to various forms of deterioration.  Some manufacturers specify 316 stainless in applications where the environment is particularly corrosive.  Some continuous and butt hinges and a select few latches we supply are available in 316 Stainless.

TYPE 409

Ferritic (plain chromium stainless category) stainless steel is suitable for high temperatures. This grade has the lowest chromium content of all stainless steels and thus is the least expensive.

TYPE 410

The most widely used martensitic (plain chromium stainless class with exceptional strength) stainless steel, featuring the high level of strength conferred by the martensitics. It is a low-cost, heat-treatable grade suitable for non-severe corrosion applications. 

TYPE 430

The most widely used ferritic (plain chromium stainless category) stainless steel, offering general-purpose corrosion resistance, often in decorative applications. 

Some manufacturers reduce the cost by using a lower grade of stainless steel, which means your product won’t have the same resistance to corrosion that you’re expecting.  If your current supplier can’t (or won’t) provide the material certifications or if you notice that your “stainless” latches are showing signs of rusting or oxidation, maybe we should talk. 

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Constant Torque Hinges

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Constant Torque HingesIf you’ve ever used a laptop or a flip-phone (remember those?) you’ve experienced a constant torque hinge.  When you open a laptop screen to just the right angle, and it stays there, that’s a Constant Torque hinge in action.

These innovative hinges can do much more than that, though.  These hinges can be configured to provide more (or less) resistance in one direction, or asymmetrical torque.  This is very helpful with heavy doors or lids that need to be operated easily.

Check out Southco’s website for more details on their constant torque hinges. 

Weld-On Hinges Are Stronger Than They Look!

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Ever wonder how much those little bullet hinges can hold?  Have you ever pondered how many you might need for that trailer lift gate or bbq lid? Our line of Weld-On Hinges are incredible strong and easy to install, if you’re a welder.  Using our handy Weld-On Specs page, you can easily determine how many hinges you’ll need, and what size they should be.  We often find, though, that the right hinge looks too small, so our customers usually use a hinge that’s one or two sizes larger than they need. Do you have questions about hinges?  Need help picking the right one?  Still not sure if a weld-on hinge is the right one for you?  Call us today at 1-800-318-1119 and we’ll gladly walk you through the selection process to pick the right hinge for your specific application.  We’re here to help!

Plastic and Metal Hinges from Elesa USA

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Looking for hinges, but can’t find just the right one?  We have a wide range to choose from.  Check out Elesa USA’s line of  Plastic and Metal Hinges (link will open a new window) for some excellent options to choose from. WHY CHOOSE PLASTIC OVER METAL?  There are lots of reasons to use a plastic hinge instead of a metal one.  While metal hinges provide some great features like strength and durabilty, there are often other considerations in any design.  If you need high corrosion resistance, lighter weight or if your application is outdoors (in the rain)… then a plastic hinge might be right for you.  Sometimes, it’s just about appearances, too. Call us today or use our Contact Form to reach us!  We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs, and pick some samples for you to try.  


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  Elesa has an incredible range of products that are both stylish and robust!  If you’re looking for knobs, handles, locks, or “european style” hinges, Elesa has options for just about everything. Have you checked out ELESA USA? Also, if you’re interested in receiving a catalog of Elesa’s products, we have some!  Use our Contact Form or call us at 1-800-318-1119 to get yours today!

SSP Series Weld-On Hinges

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Weld-On-SS_thumbSSP Series Hinges are ALL STAINLESS STEEL bodies with a Stainless Steel pin installed. They even have a stainless bushing for a completely corrosion-resistant assembly.

For a stainless steel enclosure, use the stainless version of our popular Weld-On hinges!  Available in a range of sizes from 40mm (1.58”) long to 200mm (7.87”) long, with a stainless pin installed!  Easy to install and enormously strong, these hinges require very little maintenance or adjustment.




Part Number Length Thickness Diameter L1 L2 Pin Diameter
SSP-040 1.58 0.38 0.315 0.63 0.58 0.197
SSP-050 1.97 0.38 0.315 0.79 0.58 0.197
SSP-060 2.36 0.46 0.394 0.93 0.7 0.236
SSP-070 2.76 0.51 0.45 1.13 0.85 0.236
SSP-080 3.15 0.61 0.51 1.29 0.85 0.315
SSP-100 3.94 0.77 0.63 1.63 1.2 0.394
SSP-120 4.75 0.77 0.63 2.04 1.3 0.394
SSP-135 5.32 0.9 0.709 2.25 1.5 0.5
SSP-150 5.91 1 0.787 2.54 1.63 0.5
SSP-200 7.87 1.13 0.906 3.44 2.05 0.625


Weld-On Hinges are adaptable to many applications- need an all-stainless hinge for your stainless steel enclosure?  We have many of them in stock!  Call us today toll-free at 1-800-318-1119 for more information, or use our contact form to request more information and pricing.

FBP Series Weld-On Hinges

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Weld-On-FBP_thumbThe FBP Series hinges have a steel body, but feature a BRASS pin for smooth operation and corrosion resistance.

Weld-On Hinges pack a lot of strength into a relatively small form.  These hinges are enormously strong, easy to install and very cost-effective.   Why a Brass pin? Brass isn’t as prone to corrosion as steel, and requires less frequent lubrication and maintenance.

Don’t want to use brass? NO PROBLEM! You can order a standard STEEL pin and add a grease fitting to the hinge! We supply many sizes of hinges with grease fittings installed. Call us at 1-800-318-1119 or use our contact form to get more information.


Part Number Length (L) Thickness (H) Diameter (B) L1 L2 Pin Diameter (D)
FBP-040 1.58 0.38 0.315 0.63 0.58 0.197
FBP-050 1.97 0.38 0.315 0.79 0.58 0.197
FBP-060 2.36 0.46 0.394 0.93 0.7 0.236
FBP-070 2.76 0.51 0.45 1.13 0.85 0.236
FBP-080 3.15 0.61 0.51 1.29 0.85 0.315
FBP-100 3.94 0.77 0.63 1.63 1.2 0.394
FBP-120 4.75 0.77 0.63 2.04 1.3 0.394
FBP-135 5.32 0.9 0.709 2.25 1.5 0.5
FBP-150 5.91 1 0.787 2.54 1.63 0.5
FBP-180 7.09 1 0.787 3.15 1.92 0.5
FBP-200 7.87 1.13 0.906 3.44 2.05 0.625
FBP-260 10.27 1.46 1.102 4.6 2.87 0.75

Continuous Hinge: Steel

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Steeves Agencies stocks a wide range of Continuous Hinge in Steel! The list below shows the range of sizes and lengths we can provide. We can also supply the following services for low-volume or prototyping requirements:
  • cut to length
  • installation of springs in spring-loaded hinge applications
  • reverse-assembly of hinge
  • drilled holes