Staff-TrainingYou know how at some companies, new employees get to wear the “IN TRAINING” name tag?  When their training is done, they get a “normal” name tag and one could assume that their training is done.  They’re trained.  No more to learn. That may work in some companies, but we think that in our business, customers expect more than that. In our industry, there are advancements in technology, and we need to learn about them.  That’s how we’ve become the leaders in our field!  We’re more than just a warehouse full of part numbers.  We’re not just an order desk.  We’re technical support, design assistance and a great resource for finding “just the right part” for your application. To put it simply, we know our stuff.  You can spend hours looking through catalogues, websites and manuals to find what you need, or you just reach out to us by phone or email.  We can help you!  It’s what we do. If you call, though, and we don’t answer right away, we might be in class.  We’ll call you back at break time! Several times a year, we take advantage of Southco’s product training webinars on specific product groups.  We even go visit our suppliers’ factories from time to time just to see what’s new.  We stay sharp by training as much as possible. Put us to the test!  Ask us questions!  We’re happy to help.