Accuride 38EL Electronic Locking Slides

Accuride 38EL Electronic Locking Slides

We’re very excited to announce that Accuride now has Electromechanical locking slides!  These slides are ideal for all kinds of applications where security is a key consideration. Just as importantly, though, is ease of installation. If you’ve been using a combination of keylock and slide interlock system, or some other method of controlling access, this is an easy changeover.  Just add the controller, connect the latches, and you have a secure system that’s easy to use (and to maintain) You can find more information at: Accuride International | Industrial & Electromechanical (click here). Here’s some technical stuff:

•    Integrated electronic lock mechanism withstands up to 150-lbs. of force.

•    Lock includes manual override.

•    Two options available:

– Lock/Unlock – Slide is opened manually

– Kick-Out  – Propels drawers open about 2″ when unlocked.

•    Sensor feedback indicates:

–          Open or Closed Status

–          Locked or Unlocked Status

•    The control circuit permits integration into third-party access control systems.

•    Lock functions with any power source supplying the required DC voltage and current. See technical sheet for details.

•    Lock /exterior finish: zinc and black plastic.