Did you know that our line of Gas Springs (gas lifts / lift supports) by LS Technologies is made right here in Canada?  Did you also know that they can custom-build any quantity of springs with incredibly short lead times?  I don’t know about you, but these are two things that should get your attention.  In this age of shipping delays and supply chain shortages, that puts this manufacturer somewhere in the realm of miracles and unicorns!

LS Technologies can fabricate any style, length or pressure of gas spring you can imagine. And even if you can’t imagine it, they can build it based on your design’s geometry. We think that’s pretty amazing.  Their quick-turnaround technology makes LS Technologies a natural choice if your products need reliable, high-quality gas springs.

We decided to test this “no minimum quantity, quick lead time” thing with a simple, real-life test:  I ordered two (2) springs for my 2013 Nissan Xterra.  We didn’t give them any other information.  Four days later, my new springs arrived, ready to install!

Installation was just as easy.  All you need is a flat-head screwdriver to remove the old springs and install the new ones.  Using the screwdriver, lift the spring clip up just enough to allow the socket to release from the ball stud.

I highly recommend having someone help you by holding the tailgate up while you’re doing this. I learned the hard way.

In all, the replacement took about 5 minutes, and the tailgate behaves like it’s brand new! The door lifts with authority and closes like a champ!


For the last two years, lead times have been getting worse as the global supply chain faces unprecedented challenges.  Most of these supply chain issues affect materials coming from overseas suppliers, which means that local/domestic suppliers are positioned better than ever to fill the need for quick lead times.  

Tension springs – the “reverse” gas spring!

Tension Gas Springs, also known as pull type and traction gas springs, work opposite to extension-type gas springs. Similar to a screen door closer, they are used to assist in closing covers, gates, and doors. Tension springs can be configured to have ball socket end fittings with ball studs or eyelet type connections. Ball and socket connections are typically used for mounting tension springs as this allows for compensation for misalignment of the connection points. It’s important to note that tension springs do not have a controlled closing speed, and they do not provide any dampening action.

There’s a gas spring for every occasion!  

Gas springs aren’t just for vehicle applications like my DIY liftgate refurbishment, gas springs are used extensively in buses, truck bodies, industrial enclosures, machinery and enclosures, agricultural equipment and marine applications.

Light duty gas springs can be used on small doors or lids that require only a little boost.  The small series of springs are available with pressures ranging from 10-90psi, and come in lengths from 6.5” up to 22”.   Medium duty springs come in lengths ranging from 7” to 51” long, and can be pressurized to provide up to 270lbs of force!  Heavy duty springs are designed for the heaviest of applications, with available lengths from 11” to 60”, with pressures up to 450lbs per spring.

There are also a wide range of end connectors and brackets that provide easy mounting, and the proper geometry for smooth opening and closing.  If you’re not sure what size of spring you need, which end connectors are best for you, we can help!  We can also help you confirm the installation dimensions so that your spring works exactly as you expect!

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